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UPA Leadership and Staff

Executive Director:
Paige DeMille
310 E 4500 S Ste 500 
Salt Lake City, Utah 84107 
(801) 747-3500 x228
Officers 2018 – 2020: 
Christian Df Agricola, MD - agricolac@gmail.com
Brent M Kious, MD, PhD - brent.kious@hsc.utah.edu
Past President 
Trent C Holmberg, MD - tchmdpc@gmail.com
Secretary / Disaster Psychiatry Representative​ 
Steven G. Sugden, MD MPH - steve.sugden@hsc.utah.edu
Treasurer / Area VII ECP Deputy Representative 
Brittany R. McColgan, MD - bstrohm123@gmail.com
Delegate To Assembly 
Jason W. Hunziker, MD - jason.hunziker@hsc.utah.edu
Delegate To Assembly 
Anne GW Lin, MD - anne.lin@hsc.utah.edu
Public Affairs Representative 
Michael A. Kalm, MD - mikalm@me.com
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Utah Psychiatric Association
310 E 4500 S, Ste 500
Salt Lake City, Utah 84107-4250