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Call to Action

7/17/2021 11:56:27 PM

Medical professionals are stepping up to add their voices to the protection of democracy

I work with this incredible group, Climate Health Now who are circulating this important letters to Senators to draw the connection to social determinants of health, essential aspects of voting and advocating for voting to support the Voting Rights bill soon to be voted on in the Senate.  Please sign this and circulate to others ESPECIALLY IF you have colleagues, friends in Arizona or West Virginia (Manchin and Sinema are crucial to vote for this)
The Health of Humanity Depends on Healing Democracy - a sign-on Letter to U.S. Senators



---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Climate Health Now <caclimatehealthnow@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Jul 16, 2021 at 5:34 PM
Subject: ACTION ALERT - deadline July 25 for signing CHN’s The Health of Humanity Depends on Healing Democracy
To: Ashley McClure <caclimatehealthnow@gmail.com>

Dear Climate Health Now Community:

CHN is excited to roll-out the The Health of Humanity Depends on Healing Democracy - a sign-on Letter to U.S. Senators.  Please  take 5 minutes now to read the letter and sign-on using the google form linked below if you agree. Time is short to gather signatures  and submit to Senators before the crucial vote - which could be before the August recess.  Then please take a moment to share with other health professionals in your circles to sign as well!  That is critical to getting the kind of numbers we need to have an impact. A sample email  and sample text is included below to make it quick and easy. Our goal is to get signers from every state - at least one for each Senator, but as many total as possible.

1- Click here to go to google form to sign-on and to view the full letter.
2 - Ask others to sign and share with an email and follow up with test or phone call if possible
-Please think of 3-5 individual health professionals you could email to share the letter. It's especially helpful  if you can get signers from other states - such as AZ, WV, etc.

SAMPLE SCRIPT that you could EMAIL: 

Dear [ XXX] [Colleagues]:

Voting has been shown to be a social determinant of health.  Additionally, an engaged electorate is necessary for our leaders to enact policies to protect our environment and human health in the face of the accelerating climate crisis.  Please review and consider signing the letter  referenced below, encouraging our Senators to protect voting rights in the USA. Click this link to sign and see the full letter: https://tinyurl.com/y4jjmtmf

Cynthia Mahoney and the CHN  Voting 4 Climate and Health Team 


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