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Climate Change, Climate Disaster and Mental Health

          Dr. Steve Sugden submitted a very interesting article on the growing profound mental health effects of climated disaster across our country and the world.  The link for the article is here - https://publicintegrity.org/environment/disasters-mental-health-crisis-wildfire-hurricane-flood-climate-covid/?emci=0e01046b-dfe7-ea11-8b03-00155d0394bb&emdi=4c4e6f90-e3e7-ea11-8b03-00155d0394bb&ceid=32378
          It is well worth a read and serious consideration.  As climate change gets worse, so will our mental illness pandemic.  We have to be ready and we must be active on two fronts.  We have to prepare to provide effective therapeutic care for those whe are afflicted, and we also have to be active in preventing the worst changes of climate change by supporting global efforts to combat it.
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