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What is News?

Do you remember those exams in college with questions that started, “Compare and Contrast”?  Let’s do that here.  Compare and contrast “news” and “history.” The “contrast” part is pretty easy.  News is something that is just happening.  History is something that happened in the past.  How do they compare? When they both contain something that is as relevant now as the day it was written, no matter how long ago that was.  Thus, in this section you will find news articles from this month as well as 15 years ago.  Inclusion will be based on relevance, not date.
I confess I was primed for this kind of thinking as a teenager, hearing legendary and eccentric classical DJ, Bill Watson on radio station WNCN in New York.  As part of his duties, he would read the news reports.  Every now and then, he would read an item that sounded like a genuine, current news story, but somehow seemed a bit off.  Then he would add, “that just in from Herodotus, our correspondent in the Greco-Persian Wars.” 2500 years in the past and yet sounding absolutely current!


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